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With us, you set that road ablaze!

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Crafting media that attracts attention

Scala Group is in the business of developing digital platforms which touch millions of people every day.
We combine a highly effective mixture of strategy, rich content, sophisticated marketing and savvy sales techniques that allow us to influence huge audiences, in no time.

The Scala Group brands

The real estate center is the most professional source of knowledge in the Israeli real-estate space. The center runs the biggest conferences and events in the fields.

An annual ranking index of the top companies in Tama 38 & Pinui-Bunui fields. Ranking is determined via empiric and objective methods, in collaboration with Dun’s 100 and the Madlan website.

The center deals with mediation and conflict resolution, it helps business avoid courts by solving disputes out of courts. The center is led by the top attorneys and legal professionals in the field!

Our strategic partners include

Managerial team

Michael Assaf

For three years served as the innovation and digital product development manager in Bezeq International. Prior to that, worked in a strategic consulting firm and in the marketing and strategy department, Michael has an MBA in business management from the Executive program of the Hebrew university.

Dan Kachanovsky

Dan has a BA in communication and business management and an MBA in financing from the Hebrew university. He founded the university’s student council and directed it. He served at an executive position in the Mizrahi-Tefahot bank and lead the activity at Meytav-Dash financing and mortgages, a subsidiary of the second biggest investment company in Israel.

Among our clients are

לוגו אזורים
לוגו אשדר
לוגו ביח רמבם
לוגו הרצליה מדיקל סנטר

Scala Group
is growing!

If you consider yourself to be an ambitious thinker, armed with exceptional sales capabilities, and you’re looking for a company to grow in, your place is with us!

We are looking for people just like you, to lead unique projects and sales efforts.

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